We are passionate about lowering emissions by developing and building new wind and solar projects.

Nordic Generation has strong development values, working transparently with landowners and having genuine engagement with local communities.

We ensure that all our projects focus on habitat and bio-diversity improvements from existing levels.

Octopus partnership

Nordic Generation is backed by Octopus Energy Generation, one of Europe’s leading and most experienced specialist renewable energy investors, investing since 2010


The global portfolio of assets Octopus manage.


Octopus manage more than 300 large-scale green energy projects.


Homes powered each year by the renewable assets Octopus manage.

Octopus is one of Europe’s largest fast-growing investors in renewable energy.

Octopus fund investments into renewable energy are transforming renewable energy generation to benefit consumers, the environment, society and investors

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Work with a team of experienced renewable energy professionals.

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